Super Smash Bros

2019 University of Pittsburgh At Bradford Super Smash Bros Team

Current members and their current rank

  1. Dean Guiliano
  2. Hunter Ford
  3. Cameron Biel
  4. D.J. Challingsworth
  5. Edem Agbemabiese
  6. John Luke
  7. Aedin Vetere
  8. Ryan Taylor
  9. Jake Schlegel
  10. Reese Young
  11. Cody Smith
  12. Charles Hamm
  13. JC
  14. Eric Anderson


Tuesdays 9pm – Midnight Swarts 111  Wednesdays/Sundays 9PM- ?

Current Goals

Training to be able to beat Dean

Preparing for CSL Smash Midwest-East Local Qualifier on March 16th

Participating in weekly and monthly nearby tournaments

Holding a big tournament at the end of the semester

Upcoming events

Smash Erie #3 – March 3rd

Passion for Smashin #1 – March 9th

CSL Smash Midwest-East Local Qualifier – March 16th