October 3rd Meeting

  • Clean up teams
    • Managers worked on getting all their members added to their team lists
  • First event
    • Planned for October 20th
    • We’ll be hosting tournaments for Smash Bros., Mario Kart, and Overwatch
    • There will be prizes for each tournament. The Smash Bros. prize will be a Smash Bros. Gamecube controller, but we don’t have prizes for the other 2 tournaments. Head over to the Discord and brainstorm!
  • Photos for tonight
    • I’ll upload some pictures as soon as I get them together.
  • Game purchases
    •  Don’t waste your own money, keep track of any games that you purchase for the club so that you can be reimbursed.
  • Tournament – Feb., Bradford, Warren , Catt County
    • Jeremy and a few students will head over to the high school this Friday to discuss setting up the tournaments and working the high school into the mix.

Bradford, Warren and Cattaraugus County

Bradford High has a gaming night every two weeks, and is looking to bring Warren in. I have some meetings in Cattaraugus County coming up in the next couple weeks. Maybe we can get some games going VS some high schools, what about St. Bonaventure? JCC? Any other local colleges / high schools?

Meeting – This Wednesday, October 3rd

So next meeting – Wednesday October 3rd, Swarts 162 at 8pm!

The constitution is done, thank you guys for getting it together so fast! I want to:

1. go over that,
2. get our final list of games, teams, and players, and
3. then also (hopefully) get the MSIs set up!
4. And we should finalize a date/time/etc for our first event!
So if you want to be on a team, sign up before Wednesday! We’ll get rid of the unused games then also, start looking at the site in more detail, etc. Thanks everyone, see you Wednesday!

Current games as of 9/19/2018

As of the 9/19 meeting, here’s the games that we have confirmed players for:

2K Sports
Smash Bros
League of Legends
Call of Duty
Rainbow Six
Team Fortress 2
Mario Kart
Titanfall 2
Rocket League

Some games have enough players for two teams, some are just one are two, but we’re inclusive for anyone and anything you want to play, so contact us if you are interested and haven’t yet! Next week, we’ll set up our practice schedules, and start getting some live streams up.