Upcoming events

The 20th – our first event! I’ll make sure we have prizes, team managers – let’s meet at 8 on the 16th in Swarts 162 to make sure we are ready for the 20th. If someone can put together a flyer to promote, that would be good also, please let me know. Everyone doesn’t have to come to the meeting, just team managers and then you can delegate any tasks from there.

High School – game night – Friday the 19th, we’ll head out to game night at the high school – I’d like to have Rocket League and Fortnite participate, those are two games they play heavily. The game night start around 4,  maybe we can meet outside 162 around 3:30? Let me know if you can make it, and how many people you’ll have, we’ll have to coordinate driving so if you can drive, even better.  Every team manager should be looking for opportunities like this, let me know if you need anything also, thanks! – Jeremy

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