10/20 Event Rules

The 10/20th Event

Starts at 2pm , Swarts 162

Overwatch – 2:00pm – start, 2:30pm – latest time for late entries

Best of four games, each game (map) will award 1 point to the winner. If there is a tie after 4 games, a 5th ‘sudden death’ map will be played. The winners of the first four games will advance, until 1 team is left.

Super Smash Bros – 2:15pm

1 vs 1. 2 stocks, no time limit. No items, we will play Final Destination, Smashville, Town & City, Battlefield. Character lock on win, until new opponent.

Mario Kart – 2:30pm

150cc, best of three courses, if there is a tie a ‘sudden death’ course.

Awards ceremony – 4:30pm (approx.)

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